Welcome to Heat Treat Canada. We may be less than the name implies, because our specialty is heat treating custom knife blades. If you need an oilfield flange heat treated we probably can’t accommodate.

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We’ve had requests lately for very specific Rockwell results. One customer wanted his blades at 60 – except two which were to be 60.5. Another specified ‘anything between 62 – 62.5. There’s a reason that your Kershaw blade says 57/59. Target +/- 1 point is a good heat treat. We’ll target your request, and more often than not, we’ll be close, but please have realistic expectations.

We’ve had a lot of requests lately for “expedited service”. People are offering to pay extra to move to the top of the queue. Please understand we cannot do this. It means either dropping others unfairly to slower service – or me staying up to the wee hours when I should be sleeping. (and I’m more likely to make mistakes.) Thanks for understanding.

We grew from Canadian Knifemaker Supply. http://www.knifemaker.ca which continues to serve the supply and machinery needs of custom knife makers across Canada. The heat treat part of the business – being rather technical was spun off on it’s own

.We’ve been heat treating blades for something like 18 years – carbon steel – tool steel and martensitic stainless blade steel. Computerized Kilns – Heavy Quench Plates – Cryogenics – Rockwell Testing.

We have some size limitations imposed by equipment. Cryo tank is 18 inches deep. We can address that with a second upside down soak. The neck of the tank is only 3 1/2 inches wide and there’s no way around that. Not likely a problem except with larger cleavers. The oil quench tank is only 20 inches deep.

More info will follow as we get set up – but for now, if you need something or have questions, call 403-556-1113. Please disregard the menu below. Someday it will be relevant. 🙂

Address is;

33542 Range Road 50
Sundre, AB