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Heat Treat Blade 16 – 20 inches total length


Heat Treat Blade 16 – 20 inches total.  Please read detailed description.



Heat treat of blades includes (for stainless / air quench) double foil wrap  – harden in computer controlled kilns – plate quench – cryo in liquid nitrogen – multiple temper as appropriate – and hardness testing.  For tool or carbon steels, coat in antiscale – harden in computer controlled kilns – quench in oil – double temper and hardness test.

Note that some blades warp.  We take measures to mitigate this, but it is the makers responsibility to straighten them.  The longer and thinner a blade is, the more likely it is to warp.  Many makers choose to just profile their blades and drill handle holes before heat treat – and grind the bevels once hardened.  This also mitigates warping but care must be taken to keep the blade cool when grinding so as not to ruin the temper.

If you want a hardness near the high end of what’s possible, We’d prefer you send your blades elsewhere.  We just don’t want to be associated with blade failures.  Most steels we’re happiest with 59 – 61. Maybe 62 if it isn’t going to be abused.  Call if in doubt.

Hardness is tested on flat parallel surfaces – usually the tang where the indent won’t show.  Burrs or even engraving will result in false readings.

PLEASE package well when shipping. Aside from damage to your blades Canada Post gets extremely upset when blade tips penetrate the package.  .  They may seize the package as dangerous, or it may be just returned to sender.  Also, please don’t sharpen your blades.  Can damage your edge and our fingers.

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